About BEST

BEST- Board of European Students of Technology is a non profit , non political student organization that provides opportunities for learning and self improving of future engineers.

BEST as a student organization exists on 92 technical universities in 32 countries around Europe, and offers its services to over 1000 000 students that study on that universities.

BEST provides complementary education to the students and encourages working in multicultural environments by organizing different events: academic courses, engineering competitions, educational symposiums, job fairs and workshops on certain topics that in most cases students are attending for free.

About beKNOWN

beKNOWN is a training event (TrainShop = Training + Workshop) which is organized each year and who aims at educating 20 BEST members in the field of Marketing and Public Relations. . The lectures and train- ings are designed and held by certified trainers of BEST, members of TiGro or Training Group, a special com- mittee in BEST with a developed training system that takes care of developing, transfering and managing the whole knowledge inside the organization to all the Local BEST Groups in Europe. This TrainShop aims at educat- ing 20 students, members of BEST, who are enthusiastic to become experts in these fields and to help their Local BEST Groups in their countries and to achieve the desired visibility of the brand of their student organization.

The event lasts eight days in which six trainers from the TiGro committee deliver trainings on topics re- lated to PR and Marketing in the aspects that affect BEST as a student organizaton, but also some basic theory, rules and principles who are being used in the world known companies and brends. Despite the lectures, there is also practical work and exercises and the participants at the end have to do a personal project on a topic that is the most problematic in their Local BEST Group. At the end of each day, the participants attend Sharing Sessions on which every student shares their experiences and examples from positive and negative real situa- tions that have been happening in their Local BEST Group. These sessions are a priceless source for finding new solutions in the field of marketing and PR because they help the students to grasp the diversity and the different cultural backgrounds of the different European countries. The final result is 20 very well prepared participants who can work and contribute for BEST as a student organization to improve its brand among the students, uni- versities and companies.